I decided to start this blog not long after embarking on my own journey of sexual liberation by buying my first sex toys.

Two friends had, independantly, suggested I get a Hitachi wand. They knew me well: I was an inveterate masturbator, permanently sexually frustrated, and extremely horny. I’d only ever had sex with myself, and that wasn’t going to change any time soon, whether I liked it or not.

What my friends didn’t know is that I wasn’t really interested in the Hitachi wand. Instead I went online and started searching for dildos. That’s when I first had to think seriously about my genital anatomy.

My vagina is weird (maybe one day I’ll dedicate a whole blog post to it). It’s both very narrow and very shallow. I masturbate with one finger most of the time, and never more than 2. The handle of a hairbrush, less than an inch in diameter, was my size benchmark back when I started looking for my first toy.

I soon discovered the sex blogger community, because reviews were often the only way I could find out the dimensions of a toy. But none of the reviews I read were representative of my own experiences as someone with an unusually small vagina. I got used to seeing phrases like “As a size queen…” and “…not enough girth…” turning up in reference to any toy that approached a size I might actually find useable.

So I got the Tantus Silk, and reviewed it.

Since then, I’ve bought and reviewed many more sex toys, but this blog has become a platform for much more than a unique perspective on pleasure devices.

I write about any topics that matter to me. That includes judging the merits of small sex toys, yes, but it also includes my experiences as someone with a vulva; as a chronically ill person; as a human who loves sex; and as a member of a society that has, for centuries, denied people like me sexual agency.

I believe pleasure is our birthright as human beings, and I believe we should all have access to the knowledge and tools we need to enjoy our bodies, regardless of our anatomies, experiences, desires and identities.