Today’s post is a bit different. I haven’t done a toy review in a very long time, because a huge amount of energy goes into my reviews (especially the taking and editing of photos, comparisons and so on) and I haven’t been well enough to do all that.

So, in lieu of a full review, I thought I’d try something new. This post is going to be a “first impressions” review where I talk about my initial impressions of some brand new toys I got in the mail yesterday.

It’s also a bit of an unconventional review (more so than my usual, that is) because I’m reviewing two butt plugs, which I am not going to put in my butt! Yes, that’s right, I’m using butt plugs vaginally, because I’m weird like that.

Colours Pride Edition Pleasure Plug by NS Novelties

The 'Rainbow Plug'

The 'Rainbow Plug'

  • Diameter: slightly under 1 inch at widest point

  • Length: 2 inches (cone), 3 inches (cone + stem)

  • First Impressions rating: 5/5

First we have the Colours Pride Edition Pleasure Plug by NS Novelties. Bit of a mouthful, so I’m just gonna call it the “Rainbow Plug” from here on. This plug actually comes in - I think - 3 different sizes. I got the smallest size (which is just labelled “small”).

I actually squealed when I took this toy out of the box, which is not like me at all. I didn’t want to stop stroking it once I unboxed it. There is something so sensual about this toy, a promise of pleasure that makes simply holding it a turn on. The colors are vibrant and delicious, the silicon is soft and silky (me, enjoying matte silicone? Who would have thought…) and surprisingly squishy; the stem can be folded right in half, and even the cone itself can be bent a little.

This yummy silicone makes the rainbow plug a dream to insert. I particularly enjoy the sensation of the widest part of the cone popping past my entrance, and it feels great to thrust with.

Once in place, it nestles perfectly against my pubic bone and the width of the widest part provides a pleasing sensation of fullness, just right for my pelvic muscles to contract around. Rubbing my thighs together or wriggling my hips while wearing it causes it to jiggle around pleasurably inside me…although it starts to pop out with movement, so I have to adjust it occasionally. But I like the sensation of it popping out and in again so that’s fine by me!

I often have trouble with insertable toys being too lengthy, but I found this plug was perfectly comfortable and safe to push in all the way, because it’s quite short and the base is wide, preventing it from going in further than it should. Another, unexpected advantage of the wide base is that I can grip it with my thighs to keep the toy in place if it starts to slip.

If I position it carefully so that my underwear holds the base in place, this plug stays comfortably in when I stand up, but it’s uncomfortable to sit down in because of the large base. I intend to keep trying, though, because it feels so good when it’s not poking me weirdly.

Overall, I am totally in love with this toy and I can’t wait to try it out in more scenarios (I noticed while writing this that it has a suction cup base - ooohhh!)

Tantus Little Flirt

I don’t have a standalone picture of this one yet….

  • Diameter: 0.8 inches at widest point

  • Length: 3.2 inches insertable

  • First Impressions rating: 3/5

Unlike the rainbow plug, this toy is very firm and not squishy. It’s lightweight, slim, and similar to a finger in size and shape - reminding me of the Tantus Protouch - so it would be a very good choice for anyone wanting to try penetration for the first time (vaginal or anal).

The material is a silky matte silicone that I haven’t encountered from Tantus before. The Flirt got redesigned a while back, it used to be glossy and have a flat base, and I’m kinda bummed that I missed out on that first edition. I hope they don’t start making all their toys in matte silicone because the signature glossy surface is one of the main reasons Tantus is my fav sex toy company. Nevertheless, on a toy of this size I found the matte texture to be tolerable - there’s very little friction in a toy of this girth anyway and the matte silicone feels surprisingly pleasant.

I was worried this plug would be too long for me: certainly, it’s long enough that the tip reaches my A-spot when fully inserted which does makes me a little anxious about pushing it in too enthusiastically in case I bruise my cervix. It also feels odd going in, because it widens halfway along the shaft then gets narrower again, without getting narrow enough to cause a “pop” sensation as it passes my pubic bone. But once fully inserted, it’s actually very comfortable.

I found it to be equally comfortable with the curved base positioned vertically or horizontally. Positioned vertically, one edge brushes my perineum while the other just barely grazes the bottom of my clit. I’m glad that it doesn’t rub against my clit as I would find that irritating. Although the shape of this plug causes it to fall out when I stand up, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear while sitting down (unlike the rainbow plug).

This plug didn’t do much for me besides warm me up for something bigger. Unlike the rainbow plug, it doesn’t sit against my pubic bone, and it’s also not as heavy or girthy. So I couldn’t really feel it once it was in position (unless I was sitting down and moved the wrong way…then, stabby stabby!)

I can see myself using this as a gentle vaginal dilator: the diamond shape does a good job of keeping my sphincter open (which is also why it falls out, hah). But, when I tried wearing it around the house I found myself tensing up to keep it in and needing to keep adjusting, which got frustrating. And the whole time I was worrying about poking my cervix. So I think I’d rather take my chances with the rainbow plug which is shorter, stays in better, and actually feels like something.