Today’s review is going to be a bit different. For the first time I’m reviewing a toy from an independent business - HodgePodge Entourage.

HodgePodge Entourage specialises in making silicone fantasy toys, most of which are non-human inspired: sea creatures, plants and equines feature prominently. Every single item is a unique and incredibly beautiful work of art, full of stunning shimmers and color combinations. Many people have large collections of HPE’s pieces and I have wanted to start one for a long time, but with items being released on Etsy once a month and sold out almost immediately, it can be tough to get hold of the piece you want.

I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on a Sylph, which I fell in love with at first sight. When it comes time to actually using a sex toy as a sex toy I have a strong preference for things that bear at least a passing resemblance to a human body part. HPE has very few pieces like this, but the Sylph is inspired by the human body, while also having fantasy elements. I love it because it looks organic, like something that could exist in nature.


The Sylph comes in 4 different sizes. I ordered the size “Small”, which is the smallest one available. At a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches, this is still one of the girthier toys in my collection, but the unique shape of the shaft as well as the incredibly soft silicone I chose (more on that later) makes it a lot easier to handle than I expected.

In fact the very tip of the shaft measures only about 0.65 inches in diameter, but the toy swells rapidly from there, starting with the first of 4 concentric ridges that provide much of this toy’s intense textural experience. The great thing about this design is that it’s super easy to insert the first half inch or so of the toy, and that makes taking the rest of it easier, even once the shaft widens out to its maximum of 1.5 inches. It’s a gentle introduction to girth.

I only have 3 other toys this thick in my collection, and both are realistic designs with little to no taper in the shaft, making them very painful for me to use most of the time. By contrast I find the Sylph, in the specific size and softness that I ordered it, surprisingly gentle in spite of all the texture.

If you normally find 1.5 inches too girthy, you could probably still enjoy the Small Soft Sylph (as long as you can handle the texture - more on that later, too). And keep in mind that this toy is also available in several larger sizes, so if, unlike me, you have a normal sized vagina, you can simply substitute everywhere I’ve said “1.5 inch” with whatever is the maximum diameter you can comfortably accomodate, and refer to the measurements of the other sizes of Sylph to get an idea of which one would work best for you.


To me the Sylph has a really sexy shape. Its tiny head has a realistic urethra, which is satisfyingly squishable. The coronal ridge is decorated with little lines that give it a “zippy” sort of texture, and has 2 small indents beneath it. The toy immediately begins to flare out, and the design of that first coronal ridge is duplicated 3 more times down the shaft. The remainder of the shaft is mostly smooth but has a large, smooth muscle-like texture. The base of the toy is flared in the most beautiful way, resembling fins or wings.

These embellishments are not merely aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. The urethra and little indents in the upper half of the shaft are amazing lube holders! I like to plop a single drop of lube in each of these little receptacles before inserting the toy. It helps stop the lube running everywhere. Meanwhile the design of the flared base actually makes it easier to hold the toy, and the ridges on the base can be used for external stimulation as well.


At the time of writing, HPE makes Sylphs in 4 different silicone densities, ranging from “supersoft” to “firm”. I got the Soft, which is the second-softest version. All of HPE’s silicones are high-gloss, which is my favorite kind of silicone.

It’s really squishy! To give you an idea of just how squishy, if I hold the toy horizontally by its base, the shaft droops a little, but not a lot. Because it is so squishy and jiggly, it’s harder to insert than a firmer toy would be, and tends to flop around a bit.

This toy has so much texture going on that for someone like me the soft silicone is a must-have. Just keep the floppiness in mind. I’ve heard Medium silicon is still pretty squishy, if Soft is too floppy for you.

In use

I procrastinated on buying a Sylph for a long time, because I was really worried about the combination of texture and girth. I know that I love certain kinds of texture, but the particular kind of texture this toy has was cause for concern: I’ve had bad experiences with very fine textures (such as little nubby nubs) on toys before, and I thought the ridged concentric rings looked like a similar kind of situation. And with a maximum girth that was really pushing the limits of what I can comfortably accommodate, it didn’t give me a lot of wiggle room (literally) if the texture turned out to be overwhelming.

To my relief, I needn’t have worried. I will admit that the first time I tried this toy, I thought the sensation was very odd and a bit painful, but this seems to be true of most new toys for me: it’s sort of like I have to get to know the toy before I can appreciate it and experience pleasure from it. The Sylph was no exception. Here’s what I’ve learnt.

  1. This is a toy I always need to use lube with. I never use lube when I masturbate casually, because my natural lubrication is good and my favorite toys are so small that any additional lube actually reduces rather than enhances the pleasant sensations. The Sylph, however, is just going to hurt if you don’t use lube. And as previously mentioned, the little divits all over the shaft really make lubing it up more convenient - so just do it.

  2. My body needs time to adjust to this toy. I have to insert just the tip in first, wriggle it about a bit, adjust to those sensations, then push it in past the first ridge, and so on until I make it to the thickest point of the shaft. Only at that point can I start thrusting it, otherwise it’s going to hurt, or just feel weird. I also find that I only need to do short thrusts (more of a jiggle really) with this toy because the texture is so intense.

  3. Don’t overdo it. I find that if I overuse toys that are quite sensorily overwhelming (whether girthy, or texture-y, or both) I start to get pelvic pain. The Sylph may be a very squishy toy, but it’s still got a lot going on. Know your own body - if you’re very sensitive to texture, this one might not be for you. Personally I just have to accept that sometimes I might want to use my Sylph but my body says no, and using it more than once in a day might be a bad idea. It’s one I avoid if I’m feeling at all delicate in the pelvic region.


With HPE’s toys, you are really paying for a one-of-a-kind work of art. The products are priced accordingly, and with the international exchange rate plus shipping costs, the whole thing gets pretty costly. Unique art is something I value, so I consider this well worth it. However, you might not want to spend this much on your first-ever toy!


I fully expected to not be able to use this toy, and I’m delighted that it turned out to work for me. I had one of the best orgasms of my life with this toy, so that’s probably all you need to know.

The Sylph is definitely not a toy for everyone, but the size and silicone density options make it a lot more accessible than most offerings from large sex toy companies. Even if the Sylph isn’t right for you, I highly recommend checking out HPE’s other creations (you can follow them on Twitter to see when their next product drop is).