When I got this toy, I was very new to sex toys, having recently purchased my first ever dildo, the Tantus Silk Medium. The semi-realistic shape of the Acute appealed to me but I was unsure if it would really be that much different to the Silk Medium. Oh, how little I knew back then! This little dong is actually quite unique and special.

With a maximum diameter of 1.25 inches, the Acute is girthier than the 1-inch wide Silk Medium, and that difference is noticeable when inserting the toy. However, the Acute is saved from being too large for my liking because it narrows sideways all the way down to the base:

It tapers!

To give you an idea of how this tapering affects the girth, here are some comparison shots of the Acute next to my favorite G-spot toy of all time, the L’amourose Prism V, which is a very full, round 1.25 inches in diameter at the widest point.

These two are the same maximum diameter, but...

The Acute looks noticeably slimmer than the Prism here (and feels it).

As you can see, only the head of the Acute is really girthy and even then it doesn’t have the kind of shape that causes a big “pop” sensation when inserting it. More on that in the next section!


My first dildo, the Silk Medium, is almost completely straight: great for A-spot stimulation, not so great for the G-spot.

The Acute, on the other hand, is too steeply curved to reach the A-spot, but makes a beeline for the G-spot. It’s really well designed for that purpose.

One thing to keep in mind is that the head of the Acute isn’t “pointy” but rather flat and broad, so the stimulation it provides isn’t as pinpoint as you might get from some more traditional G-spot toys, which tend to have a very bulbous egg-shaped head that narrows to a slim shaft.

While the Acute’s widest point is at the head, if you look at it in profile it doesn’t have that classic G-spot shape:

One is bulbous. One is not.

Bulbous shapes tend to conform to the natural contours of the vagina, making them very comfortable once inserted. The straighter profile of the Acute does unfortunately make it a bit uncomfortable for me if I’m not warmed up or if I’m having a “sensitive” day.


The Acute and the Silk Medium are made of similar silicon – glossy and firm, the Tantus signature. However the Acute feels firmer, heavier and is much harder to bend. While this contributes to the discomfort I sometimes feel trying to insert the toy if I’m not sufficiently aroused, that harder silicone is absolutely necessary for firm G-spot stimulation. And it’s nowhere near as hard as the glass or steel wands that are considered state-of-the-art for G-spot stimulation, so it’s much safer to thrust with or have a partner use on you.


The toy comes in three shades: bubblegum pink, pearly white, and the gorgeous deep purple shade I got. Like many people, I’m sick of sex toys always being either pink or purple, but this particular shade of purple - which is metallic and shimmery - is actually beautiful.

The Acute is semi-realistic in shape, and the shaft has a few ripples on it, but I’ve found that I can’t really feel them in use.

In use

The flatter head of this toy provides broad rather than pinpoint G-spot stimulation, but it is PERFECTLY curved for hitting the G-spot and the firm and heavy, yet glossy silicone is ideal for applying pressure while still being easy to slide in.

My favorite toys for G-spot stimulation are (in order of preference) the L’Amourose Prism V, which is a hard plastic vibrator with a thin silicone coating, Pipedream Icicles No. 55, which is glass, and the Acute, which is pure silicon. The advantage of pure silicon is you don’t have to worry about breaking it if you drop it, and you don’t have to worry about bruising your insides when you’re thrusting it (or someone else is thrusting it!) It can also be completely sterilised by boiling it or putting it in the dishwasher, without needing to worry about damaging the toy. Glass can break if sudden temperature changes occur, and a toy like the Prism V which has electrical components can also be damaged by heat or water, although many high-end vibrators are waterproof.

My body has changed quite a bit since I bought the Acute several years ago. Various life changes have meant that I now masturbate less frequently than I used to, and as a result my vagina has become tighter and more sensitive. I’ve had to mainly use my most petite toys and this has resulted in some of my old favorites, like the Acute, becoming neglected. I find the Acute quite intense and my body isn’t always ready for either the girth or the wealth of sensation that it provides, but I still really enjoy this toy when I’m sufficiently warmed up.

The Acute has a suction cup base, and I have attempted to stick it on my bathroom floor and ride it, but it’s impossible for me to find an angle for penetration that isn’t uncomfortable or downright painful. It might work great for most people, but for me, I have a lot of trouble finding an angle for penetration at the best of times – my body is weird that way – and this toy is way too curved and firm for me to be able to make it work without direct manipulation. This is not a big deal for me, but I mention it as it may be important for some.

It’s also worth noting that the, er, “acute” angle of the Acute causes it to fall over easily, and the effects of gravity may reduce the effectiveness of the suction cup too. Personally, I just find it super annoying that I can’t get this dildo to stay upright in my toy drawer!


This toy is, hands down, the best pure silicon toy I’ve tried for G-spotting. I do advise warming up and using lots of lube with it you’re sensitive like me.