This toy is marketed everywhere as having a diameter of 1 inch, which lead me to think it would be the same size as the Tantus Silk Medium.

How wrong I was. While the maximum diameter of this toy is close to 1 inch - I measured it to be 2.3cm - most of the shaft is barely 2cm wide, and those missing millimetres make a big difference to how the toy feels.

Comparison of Silk Medium and Compact sizes

The Compact is much smaller than the Silk Medium, despite being marketed as the same size.

Barely wider than a finger, the Compact is the ideal size for days when I’m super sensitive to everything. The subtle texture on the shaft also means it’s stimulating enough for every day. I do think, however, that I would be able to get more out of this toy if it was closer to the size of the Silk Medium, only because more girth would make it less flexible and allow me to apply more pressure to my G-spot with it.


As with all Tantus toys, this one is made from high quality silicon. It comes in black or red, I got the black one.

I discovered the black silicon is not true black, but has very dark purple glitter in it, which you can really only see on the shiny underside of the base in bright light. It’s super pretty.

The silicon is glossy, but feels slightly tacky to the touch. While firm, not easily squished, the entire dildo is very flexible, easily bent in half in both directions.


This has got to be the cutest dildo in my collection. It’s so tiny, and mostly smooth, yet has a few irresistable hints of realism: the slightest hint of a glans and a little ridge down the back of the shaft. It’s unexpected and delightful on a toy this small and otherwise abstract. There are also 3 small ridges on the inside of the shaft.

Ridges on the shaft of the Compact

Ridges on the shaft of the Compact

Ridges on the shaft of the Compact - different angle

The ridges are hard to capture on camera

The Compact is ideally curved for G-spot stimulation, but sadly the flexibility of the shaft causes it to straighten out if you try to apply pressure. This limits the amount of sensation the toy can provide (especially if you like firm pressure on your G-spot), but there are tricks you can use to get the most out of it, which I’ll describe later.

My experience

The first time I tried out this toy, I was already very well warmed up and I could barely feel it inside me. In fact on this occasion I had picked up the Compact assuming that it would be too small for me (not something that usually happens for me with toys!) and it seemed my doubts were confirmed, so I was disappointed.

However, I wasn’t ready to give up yet, so next time I decided to start my session with this toy, with no lubrication (natural or otherwise) and when I was still fairly tight. Since then I’ve used the Compact with great enjoyment. This little dildo is now slated to become a favorite.

Even though it’s considerably less girthy than the Tantus Silk, the Compact can actually give more stimulation than the simpler toy, which is exactly what I’d hoped for when I bought it.

Firstly it has way more of a curve, making it better for hitting the G-spot, and secondly it has some shape and texture - subtle, gentle texture, to be sure; nothing that I can specifically identify when it’s inside me; but somehow, I guess, sufficient to make this little dildo more pleasurable than the straight-up-and-down Silk.

I immediately noticed when I inserted the Compact just how well it hugged the curves of my vagina. It’s like it was designed for my anatomy: the shape and length is just right, and the stimulating ridges on the shaft line up with my G-spot. This is the first time I’ve felt like I could just let go of a toy completely and it’d stay inside me.

Back when I was researching dilators, I read that some people actually walk around the house doing chores with the dilator inside. When I eventually got my own dilators I couldn’t see how this was possible at all, the shape just wasn’t conducive to staying in without help.

Unlike my dilators, the lovely shape and flexibility of the Compact makes it very easy to insert and hold in while standing just by clamping your legs together. It’s short enough that it can go almost the whole way into even my incredibly shallow vagina, and while I probably wouldn’t do the vacuuming while “wearing” it, it’s actually very pleasant to keep in while, say, having a shower. Every movement you make then gives you a little bit of stimulation and I can see this as a great relaxing way to dilate or just warm up to penetration.

Now as I mentioned previously, this is a very flexible toy, which causes some issues that need to be worked around.

Firstly, I find that if I’m holding just the base, the head of the Compact can kind of bend out of the way of my entrance as I’m trying to insert it (a problem I’ve seen mentioned by another reviewer on the web). It’s a very minor nuisance which is easily solved by gripping the toy partway down the shaft so it doesn’t slip.

Once inserted, if you try to apply too much pressure when thrusting the toy, it straightens out and all that lovely G-spot stimulating curve is lost.

I discovered a way of thrusting with the Compact that solves this problem: insert the toy, and hold it loosely by placing your fingers flat against the base without pushing. Then thrust by flicking your fingers forward (don’t let go of the toy). This limits the pressure so the toy doesn’t bend too much and (for me, at least) it will hit the G-spot every time.

The base of this toy, like many other Tantus dildos, can suction onto smooth, clean surfaces. The suction base seems quite strong on this toy, and the flexibility of the Compact makes it great for attaching to a wall or floor and riding, as it won’t poke you at the wrong angle. It meets you where you’re at, so to speak.

I would like to be able to say that this is a great toy for a partner to use on you because it’s gentle, BUT if you are going to do that, explore on your own first then make sure your partner knows how best to stimulate you with this toy - otherwise you might have a dissapointing experience.


Probably because of its size (less materials), in the US this toy is cheaper than most Tantus dildos, retailing for between $30 and $45 USD in most places I’ve looked.

My own purchase from an Australian store was over $50 and that was with discounts applied. It seems overpriced for a toy of this size, but living in Australia you get used to that! And it is definitely one of my favorites now, so it was worth it for me.


The Tantus Compact is an excellent petite dildo that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for people who need small toys. If you are trying to discover the G-spot, however, it might not be the best choice due to its flexibility.

I can’t help comparing this dildo to the Tantus Silk since they are quite similar in some ways. I would suggest that the Silk is more suited to hard thrusting and to stimulating the A-spot (for people with shallow vaginas) while the Compact is great for gentle sensual G-spot stimulation, and for when your vagina is very sensitive or tight.