You gotta admit, the Protouch is a weird looking toy. It somewhat resembles a finger, albeit an alien one. The toy has 3 segments, like finger joints, with the joint at the tip being the shortest and roughly the diameter of a human finger. The other two segments are progressively larger, certainly larger than any human finger joint I’ve ever seen. The whole “finger” is curved in a good approximation of the “come-hither” motion used for G-spot stimulation.

The bottom segment of the Protouch is hollow inside, and if you turn the toy over you’ll see there’s a finger-sized hole in the base. This is intended for putting a bullet vibrator in, and the Protouch actually comes with a cheap Tantus vibe to use in it. However, mine was broken on arrival (after turning it on, I was unable to turn it off again and had to pull the batteries out to stop it buzzing). If you want to use this toy with a bullet vibe, I’d recommend investing in something of higher quality- just make sure that it fits!

I’m not much into internal vibrations myself, so I prefer to use the hole in the base as an additional grip, as though it were an extension of my finger. Helpfully, the inside of the hole is lined with rubbery grips which both assist in holding the bullet vibe in, AND make it easier to hold with your finger. The hole is slightly annoying to clean after use.

The Tantus Protouch has 3 segments of increasing width.


The Protouch is made of Tantus’s signature glossy body-safe silicon. It comes in three colors - black, “wine” (a sort of dark purplish red) and neon pink. I don’t like neon colors, but the pink version was the one that creeped me out the least (less alien-looking), so that’s what I got. In person, the pink is actually pretty cute, not overwhelmingly vibrant.


Each segment of this toy is different in diameter. At its tip, the toy measures approx. 2.2 cm (0.86 in) in diameter. The middle segment has a diameter of roughly 3 cm (1.18in) and the final, largest segment is slightly larger than that at 1.2 in. As I will explain later, you are unlikely to be able to insert this toy much past the second segment, however.

My experience

The first time I tried this toy, I was underwhelmed and rather puzzled by how it felt. It’s just such a different shape to anything I’d tried before, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it, to be honest.

I eventually realised that if I only insert the tip of the toy, and tug it back and forth, it feels as close to G-spot fingering as anything made of silicon can. The firmness of the silicone, and the narrow tip, means it’s very easy to apply pinpoint pressure to the G-spot with this toy.

I love that, but I found myself wanting a little more stimulation around the rest of the vaginal wall as well, and the first two segments of the toy aren’t wide enough to do that. But I wasn’t able to insert this toy further than maybe midway down the second segment of the shaft, so I never got to experience the widest segment. This might be partly due to my body shape (shallow vagina, etc etc) but I also suspect the flaring at the top of the final segment makes it difficult to insert. I read another review by someone who used this toy anally, and they also experienced difficulty with inserting the entire toy.

Due to the curve of this toy, the second segment presses into the posterior wall of the vagina somewhat during use. Some people might enjoy this; I personally dislike the sensation, but it’s not overwhelming and I think it’s worth it for the ease of angling towards the G-spot.


Since it’s quite small, this is one of Tantus’s slightly less expensive toys. I can’t remember how much I payed for it anymore, but it goes for $40 USD on their website.


I absolutely adore G-spot fingering, but I don’t often find myself reaching for this toy because, well, I could just do it with my hands. This isn’t a toy I would look to for providing new sensations. It’s good at what it does, but it’s not mindblowing. When I use sex toys, it’s usually to experience sensations I wouldn’t get otherwise, and the Tantus Protouch is just a bit boring in that respect.

On the other hand, I really wish I had this back when I was suffering from RSI. I think the Protouch is a fantastic choice if you’re enamored of manual G-spot stimulation but suffer from pain in your hands, or simply want to avoid getting muscle cramps in the first place.

The Protouch might also be a great choice for people wanting to discover or explore the G-spot, but for whom most G-spot toys on the market are too large or intimidating. While there are a fair number of smaller toys that can be used effectively for G-spot stimulation - such as the Tantus Silk - it’s remarkably difficult to find toys designed specifically to target the G-spot (with that signature curve and bulbous tip) that are suitable for smaller anatomy or people with vaginismus. The only other example I can think of is the Tantus Compact. (There’s also the BS Atelier G-spot, which comes in 3 different sizes including a small size; I haven’t tried this toy myself but it looks good).