This little dildo was the first toy I ever bought. I've tried many others with all kinds of bells and whistles since then, yet I keep coming back to the Silk Medium: it's so simple, comfortable, and pleasurable.

First impressions

The Silk Medium is one of the plainest dildos you will ever see. It doesn’t have any texture, an interesting shape, or even much of a curve. It’s kind of boring (until it’s inside you).

This toy comes in 3 colors: shimmery candyfloss pink, shimmery lilac and black (it looks like the pink color is discontinued, sadly). I like the lilac least of these colors, but it was the only color they had in stock when I bought mine. The shimmery looking silicon is quite captivating.


This dildo comes in a standard Tantus box with a transparent window on the front. I don’t have a picture of the box to show you as I long since discarded it. The box it comes in is bulky and annoying to open and close, not ideal for storage. So I suggest investing in a toy bag. You will want to store this toy in some kind of bag, as the silicone collects LOADS of dust.


Tantus actually makes 3 sizes of Silk dildo, Small, Medium, and Large.

At just 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter, the Silk Medium is about the same width as two of my fingers (and I have very small fingers). In terms of length it’s about 5 inches long, excluding the base.

This size is ideal for me, though once I get going I sometimes want a little bit more girth. The texture of the silicon, which I’ll address next, probably makes it feel smaller than it is.


The thing I love about this toy is the material its made of.

Tantus makes all their toys out of high quality, body-safe silicon. Silicon comes in many textures and consistencies, some of which are quite rough to the touch, or smooth and matte, having a lot of friction. I can’t use toys made of this kind of silicone without lube, because I find the friction painful.

Now, call me lazy, but I don’t like having to use lube on my toys, especially if I’m pressed for time (it’s so messy, and I have to reapply it if I ejaculate and want to keep going…) and this is where the Silk Medium is perfect.

It’s made of the smoothest, glossiest, silkiest silicone ever. Lube is not needed, in fact it makes the toy actually too smooth to give stimulation! The one downside of this super-shiny silicone is it attracts so much dust, hair, etc.

The silicon is flexible enough that it can be bent double with a bit off effort, but it’s quite firm to the touch, you can’t squish it much.


The Silk Medium has a slight curve.

Silk medium next to two human fingers, showing similarity in width

Width comparison to fingers.

The Silk Medium has a slight curve to the shaft, enough to hit the G-spot. However, this toy isn’t my first pick as a G-spotter, because the shaft is a bit too flexible to really give firm, targeted pressure.

I find this toy better for A-spot stimulation. The A-spot is an erogenous zone towards the back of the vagina, near the cervix.

For my anatomy, the Silk Medium is long enough to easily reach this area when thrust deeply. It’s soft and flexible enough to avoid bruising the cervix in the process. (It’s actually the only toy I have that has been able to hit my A-spot. The girthier the toy, the less of it I can insert, and all my other toys are either too curved or too thick to reach that spot.)

I hesitate to recommend this toy for A-spotting only because I don’t know if it’s just my short vaginal canal that makes it work for me.

My experience

This toy feels delicious on initial insertion, tugging at my insides pleasurably without ever stretching me uncomfortably or rubbing in a way that hurts.

Once I’m warmed up however, the Silk Medium doesn’t give much friction against the vaginal wall, so most of the sensation is around the G-spot or A-spot. Making it not quite as intense as other toys.

On “sensitive” days this is exactly what I need. Sometimes I move on to a more intense toy, but other days I start out fully intending to grab a bigger or more textured toy but cum before I can reach for it - you can’t ask for better than that!

The base of the Silk Medium can suction onto a smooth surface if it’s cleaned well first. I attached it to the tiled wall of my bathroom once, and somehow managed to ride it, but generally the suction isn’t very strong and a slight bump will dislodge it. I’ve even noticed over time it seems to have got weaker, like the thin ‘lip’ of silicone around the base, which causes the suction, has worn away a bit (probably from repeatedly wrestling it out of its toy bag).

I will gripe that the base of the Silk Medium is completely round, with no indication of which way the toy is facing. I often find that it rotates during use and I have to check occasionally to make sure it’s still pointing the right way.


All of Tantus’s products are costly and this one is no exception, this one going for around US$50 on their website. I paid about the same in person for this toy. It’s worth the dollars, but check out different online retailers to see if you can get one on sale.


This is a fantastic toy to use without any warmup, making it my go-to masturbation companion - perfect for rushed mornings ;) It’s great for thrusting hard, flexible and soft enough not to hurt if you overdo it. This also makes it great for a partner to use on you, where you have less control over the toy and accidental harm is possible.

The simplicity of the Silk Medium might not be enough to bring some people to orgasm. If not it’s a great way to warm up to something more intense.

But for me, this toy is an essential. In fact, if I think about what toy I would take to a desert island, I’d choose the Silk Medium. Admittedly, there are times when it doesn’t provide quite enough stimulation for me, though.

With this in mind, I recently purchased the Silk Large as well. It’s quite a step up for me, measuring in at 1.5 inches in diameter, well out of my “petite” comfort zone, but I have great faith in this line of dildos. I’m still waiting for it to arrive. My hope is it will be as easy to use as the Medium while providing that extra intensity of sensation that’s sometimes lacking with the smaller version.