Continuing my adventures with unconventional uses of butt plugs, I decided to try out the Bootie by Fun Factory…again, using it vaginally.

This toy was kindly sent to me for review by the lovely Nikki Darling, an inclusive Australian sex toy store. You can purchase the Bootie here!


The Bootie comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The smallest size is still bigger than any of the other butt plugs I own, which was part of my reason for choosing it. I wanted a bit more of a full sensation. The Bootie Small measures approx. 1.1 inches at the widest point, which doesn’t sound very big on paper, but due to the shape of it, this toy does actually provide quite a filling sensation, even though it only differs by .1 inch from my NS Novelties plug.


The Bootie is curved and has a bulbous shape, unlike many butt plugs which are more thin and conical. It has a shape more typical of a toy designed specifically for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. This shape makes it perfect for hugging the contours of your body. In my case, using this plug vaginally, it hooks in behind the pubic bone and puts pressure on the G-spot. The shape makes it very comfortable to just leave in place, but unlike my other plugs, I can’t really thrust with it.

You might think that the shape of the Bootie would mean it doesn’t fall out when walking around. Sadly, I found this not to be the case. If I stay still it’s not going to budge, but if once I start moving around, the contractions of my pelvic muscles soon wiggle it out of place. The bulbous shape actually makes it more likely to fall out than my conical plugs.

The flared base of the Bootie has rather long “prongs”. This causes some issues, which I will describe later.


The Bootie is made of Fun Factory’s distinctive grabby silicone. I’m not a fan of this silicone, I find it too rough on my insides; so I was fully expecting to dislike it. However it turns out to not matter much, because I don’t thrust with this toy. Insertion can be a little painful, but it’s nothing some lube can’t fix, and once inserted you have no reason to really be aware of the grabbiness of the silicone.

The “neck” of the toy is pretty flexible, and the bulbous head, while firm, has a little bit of squish to it.

On my specific Bootie, there is a little rough patch of silicone on the upper surface of the toy (probably some bubbles that occurred during pouring) but you can’t feel it in use.

In use

The Bootie feels amazing to simply snuggle up against my G-spot and clench around while watching porn or fantasising. It ought to be fantastic paired with clitoral stimulation, but unfortunately that’s not an option (for me) with this toy due to one simple design flaw: the flared base is too long.

When the Bootie is inserted, the base extends all the way up to literally cover my clit. If I move in the right way, the base itself rubs against my clit and provides its own kind of stimulation, but for the most part I just find this frustrating because it blocks access to one of my erogenous zones!

I know that this is not just a problem for people using the Bootie vaginally: I’ve read several reviews complaining about the length of the base when using this toy anally, as well. It’s just a bit awkward and uncomfortable, and almost ruins what would otherwise be a perfectly good toy. In fact, it’s so annoying that I’ve actually considered trying to shorten the ends of the base with scissors! But, that would probably leave a jagged edge that would be at least as uncomfortable as the original.


I would definitely recommend the Bootie, but you might need to consider whether the length of the flared base would be a problem for you. After all, everyone’s anatomy is different, and it may not bother some people!

To help you make a decision, I measured the length of the “prongs”: they extend 1.2 inches on either side of the “neck”. So for example, if you were going to use it vaginally like me, as long as your clit is more than 1.2 inches away from your vaginal opening, this base wouldn’t get in the way.