I have an important announcement to make. I’ve been putting it off for years, but it’s now unavoidable. You see, I wanted to participate in this week’s Lingerie is for Everyone, but the nature of the image I chose requires me to come clean about something.

I’m not a woman.

I’m non-binary.

I’ve known this for years, certainly well before I started this blog, but uncertainty about claiming the title for myself while I was still discovering who I was, kept me from ever telling anyone.

In the early days of this blog, I mentioned by gender issues on my About page, but later deleted it. Because I talk so much about vulvas on this blog, I felt uncomfortable revealing too much about my ambivalent relationship with my own vulva.

But to live authentically and joyfully in my sexuality I know I need to embrace this part of me and celebrate it instead of hiding it.

To that end, here I am in some lingerie that makes me feel sexy…

A skinny white non-binary person wearing a sheer strappy black bra made of fishnet and lace, and matching briefs with a sheer lace-up panel through which their cock can be seen. The photo has a vintage filter applied

I’m wearing the Wolf & Whistle Avis bra, and Peek & Beau Toyen corset brief from Playful Promises. I have a few other pieces from Playful Promises and they are all gorgeous - highly recommend this brand if you are looking for affordable fancy lingerie. I got the briefs in size S (UK10/US6) and bra is a 10B (32B). The briefs fit perfectly, but I think I could have gone down a cup size with the bra, as it’s a little roomy in the cup. Still, very comfortable. I just wish Playful Promises had the option of cross-over straps at the back, because I have chronic shoulder pain and can’t wear anything with straps for long.

Because coming out is a very scary, big step for me, I did choose a relatively SFW image for this week’s challenge but there are a lot more where that came from and I’m looking forward to sharing!

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