Walking into a sex store to buy your first toy can be a terrifying experience, so many people opt to purchase toys online instead.

Most online adult stores promote providing “discreet packaging”, which means the package will arrive without any indication of its contents or the store it came from on the outside.

However, it’s important to be aware that if you’re purchasing toys from an international store, customs may require a declaration of the contents. Some stores state in their shipping information what kind of “discreet” description they put on customs forms. Otherwise, you can’t be sure whether your privacy will really be respected. Depending on country and the cost of the product you may also be charged taxes when the item reaches you. For these reasons I usually don’t buy toys internationally.

Another consideration is whether the store will ship to a PO box, if you wish to get your toy delivered to one. Many sites refuse to ship to PO boxes. Check the shipping information, even get in touch with the store via email if you can’t find it.

I advise against getting toys delivered to your workplace in case of misdelivery - unless your workplace is the kind where deliveries of sex toys can be expected.

Note: most of these stores deliver worldwide, but I have categorised them by the country they are based in as it affects shipping costs.


  • Passionfruit

    This store, run by women, has both an online store and a physical location in Melbourne. They stock a range of books, lingerie, bondage gear, lube and of course toys although as they are a very “luxury” store the prices are often high. The physical store has the most gorgeous sensual atmosphere and the staff are great at making you feel comfortable no matter how nervous you are. Unfortunately the range of petite toys is limited.

  • Aphrodites Pleasure

    While this store has a good range of high-end sex toys, it is skewed towards vibrators and larger dildos. I’ve only purchased from here once but based on my experience they are pretty awesome! The prices are good with products often on sale, shipping is prompt, and packaging is delightful - wrapped in colorful paper with a handwritten note and a sample of lube. Customer service was also very helpful when I had a problem with my order.

  • Adult Toy Megastore (Australia) (New Zealand)

    This New Zealand based toy store has a huge range of products and the best prices I’ve been able to find in Australia. They also have a very nice reward points system. The catalogue is a bit messy however and it’s hard to find suitable products using their search tools due to inconsistency in tagging. Products listings often are missing essential information such as dimensions. I suggest choosing your toy/s using other means first, then trying to locate it on this site to get the best price.

  • Nikki Darling

    This store is unusual as it groups products not by gender but by the anatomy they’re designed for, which is AWESOME. They have a good range of high quality, luxury toys, including a few petite toys.


  • Smitten Kitten

    This store stocks a great selection of toys including petite toys, and also gender-affirming products. They ship internationally. The website has useful but slightly confusing search tools, you need to uncheck/clear any previous selections to do a new search as unfortunately it searches for products matching ALL your criteria rather than ANY of them.

  • EdenFantasys

    For the reasons enumerated in this article I can’t in good conscience recommend buying from this site.

    I list EdenFantasys only because it is a BRILLIANT way to work out if a toy is the right size for you, since they provide not only excellent search tools but also a “view product actual size” button where the product is show side by side with a measuring ruler, which you enlarge till it matches a real ruler - you are then seeing the product at life size! The reviews are also useful to see customer photographs which can give you a better idea of the shape and size of the product.

  • New York Toy Collective

    High quality realistic silicone dildos, packers and gender-affirming merchandise (I really want one of their platypus pins).

  • Spectrum Boutique

    A fantastic broad selection of some of the best toys in existence. They don’t have any filtering options for size or material, however.

  • SheVibe

    Allows you to filter by diameter and length, material and so on. Excellent selection of toys. You can switch the currency by clicking your country at the very top of the page.


  • Onna Lifestyle

    A small selection of beautiful dildos made from body-safe gemstones. Their collection includes 1, possibly 2, products that might qualify as “petite”. Very costly due to materials they are made from.

  • BS Atelier

    They make beautiful colorful, customisable silicon dildos, some of which are available in 3 different sizes including petite sizes. Ships internationally.