I don’t usually regret my sex toy purchases. I only buy toys I’m confident will give me pleasure, and I do extensive research before making a decision.

This toy caught my eye initially because of its very appealing shape, designed to stimulate the G-spot or prostate. As a sucker for G-spot stimulation, that alone was hard to resist, but in addition it was a rechargeable vibrator with an extra feature I had long been curious about - a massage ball in the tip that’s supposed to roll back and forth in imitation of the classic “come-hither” motion. The listed diameter - 1.3 inches - also seemed quite manageable…or so I thought at the time.

I have to admit that it was a BIT of an impulse buy, since I only spent half a day rather than an entire week deciding whether to buy this toy or not. Maybe if I’d thought about it a bit more, I wouldn’t have the regrets I do now. But, looking on the positive side, the experience taught me some important lessons about the criteria I use to choose sex toys, and (I hope) I’ve learnt how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

First impressions

My first Nu Sensuelle Homme Pro arrived faulty - at first it wouldn’t hold enough charge to stay on for more than a minute or so, then it wouldn’t charge at all. I don’t believe this is an reflection of the overall quality of the product, however. I’ve read a number of glowing reviews of this toy from other people.

The store I bought it from was very helpful in getting me a replacement and they thought mine was just one of a faulty batch. It has to happen occasionally, I suppose.

Unboxing my toy I was immediately struck by the attractive design of the packaging and the toy. The Homme Pro is packaged in a beautiful, luxurious box with a window in the front.

The box is sealed with a magnetic flap which flips open to reveal the toy nestled into a molded foam container.

On lifting out the foam container, the interior of the box is revealed. It contains a leaflet with information on the toy, a toy bag, and a small box containing the charging cord and a USB power adaptor. This box is glued to the bottom of the packaging, which confused me at first. I suppose it helps to keep the contents organised. I was very impressed at the inclusion of the USB adaptor as I’ve never heard of rechargeable vibrators coming with one before.

Interior of the box showing charging cable, toy bag and information booklet.

Because I had to get a replacement toy I ended up with two toy bags. I always appreciate a storage alternative to the bulky boxes many toys come in. However these particular toy bags seem cheaply made, the fabric is thin and has many threads coming from the seams inside which cling to any toy you store in it. Every time I take a toy out of one of these bags it brings hundreds of little white threads with it. Incredibly annoying.


I’m used to measuring my toys in inches. When I was researching this one, I read somewhere that it measures 1.3 inches in diameter at the widest point. I already had a number of 1.25 inch toys which were a great size for me, so I thought this one would be similar. If I’d realised that converting the 3.5cm measurement (given on the site I bought it from) came out closer to 1.4 inches, I might not have purchased this toy. Rounding is a bitch.

The Homme Pro has also taught me that the shape of a toy has at least as much to do with whether it fits inside me, as the actual diameter.

Some comparison images of the Homme Pro should give you an idea of just how big it is compared to my expectations. The blue toy in the pictures below is a petite 1.25 inches max diameter and that’s roughly the size I expected the Homme Pro to be.

Back: Homme Pro vs. L'Amourose Prism V

Side: Homme Pro vs. Prism V

Here’s another comparison, this time with a dildo I usually consider TOO LARGE for me - the Tantus Mark O2 with a max diameter of 1.5 inches.

Back: Homme Pro vs. Tantus Mark O2

Side: Homme Pro vs. Mark O2

Notice that while the Homme Pro and Prism V look the same width from the back, sideways the Homme Pro is noticeably larger and in fact looks as wide as, if not wider than the Mark O2.

I am more sensitive to being stretched vertically (perineum to urethra) than sideways (labia to opposite labia), and unfortunately the Homme Pro is, in use, wider vertically than horizontally.

Lesson learnt: ALWAYS consider not just the maximum girth of a toy, but the direction in which that girth is being measured.


This toy is made from body-safe, matte silicone with an ABS plastic handle in which silicon buttons, and a charging port with a silicon cap, are embedded.

I’m not usually a fan of matte silicone, preferring as little friction as possible and the glossy kinds of silicon that provide that experience. Generally, the smoother the silicon, the less friction, but I have encountered extremely smooth matte silicon that I hate the texture of - one toy in particular comes to mind that feels velvety to touch, yet has a horrible squeaky, dragging quality when wet.

The Homme Pro, thankfully, manages to achieve silky smoothness in a matte silicon without toe-curling squeakiness. Indeed, I think it may be the nicest matte silicone I’ve felt to date, and I wish I was able to appreciate it more.

The Homme Pro is completely rigid except for a patch on the tip where the massage ball sits. Although it’s mostly hard, the silicon coating feels a little thicker in parts, giving it a very slight squish.


The Homme Pro has a curved shape that I find aesthetically pleasing. It’s a lot like the Comet Wand, a toy I don’t personally own (due to its girth) but have read many positive reviews of.

The head of the Homme Pro is rounded and bulbous for G-spot stimulation, the rest of the shaft slightly narrower. There are 2 slightly squishy ridges along the back of the shaft, and 2 rounded bumps near the bottom of the shaft. Maybe some folks can feel these bumps internally, but I can’t imagine having enough room in my body to insert the toy that far!

Two ridges on the back of the shaft.

The Homme Pro is similar in overall shape to another G-spot vibrator I own, the Prism V.

The rounded head of the toy contains the massage ball, which rolls up and down when the “massage” function is on. Depending on where the ball is when you stop the massage function, it actually changes the shape of the tip of the toy slightly; making it either squareish or more rounded. This turned out to be significant for me.

The head of the toy is also decorated with tiny, hard bumps. These are meant to provide additional stimulation, but they only caused problems for me.

Charging and controls

The information leaflet says to charge the toy for 60 minutes on first time use. While charging, the “nü” logo at the bottom of the toy lights up and flashes red and green. When it’s fully charged, it stays green.

Below the logo are the controls for the toy: an “M” button and “V” button. The M controls the massage ball in the tip, while the V controls the vibrations. They can be used independantly or together. On the handle of the toy is a white strip, and when the toy is turned on the strip lights up to indicate what features are being used. It’s gimmicky, but pretty.

The red indicator light for the vibration feature flashes in time with the vibration pattern!

Blue indicator light for the massage ball feature

The toy lights up red and blue when both massage ball and vibration are on

Annoying buttons

For some reason, the manufacturers thought it would be a good idea to place the controls on the end of the toy where you can’t see them when using it, and if you somehow do manage to see them the “M” and “V” letters will be upside-down.

The position of the buttons makes it very awkward to change the settings while using the toy - it would have made more sense to put the controls where the flashing lights are. What’s more, the M and V buttons are so close together and indistinguishable by touch that it’s very easy to press the wrong one, accidentally switching off or changing the setting of one of the functions.

You really need to find a setting you like and set it before using the toy. The one scenario I can see the controls being good for is if a partner is using the toy on you while facing you, as they would then be able to see the buttons.

My experience

I wish I could say I enjoyed this toy. But it wasn’t compatible with my body in so many ways.

I expected I’d have trouble inserting the Homme Pro due to its girth, so I applied lots of lube first…and immediately ran up against a problem I hadn’t anticipated.

Those little bumps on the head of the toy felt like red hot needles stinging my labia and urethra. This was surprising because I have a few other textured toys and have always found the texture quite underwhelming; I thought I just wasn’t very sensitive to it, and in fact didn’t expect to feel the texture on the Homme Pro at all. But my other textured toys only have texture on the shaft, rather than on the head which is the first part you feel during insertion. And they mostly have larger textures like wide ridges or larger bumps, rather than the tiny nubs on the Homme Pro.

I couldn’t insert the Homme Pro at all until I figured out that the position of the massage ball in the tip when you switch off the massage function, actually changes the shape of the toy.

By starting and stopping the massage function many many times, I was eventually able to get the massage ball in just the right position so the head of the toy was narrower and pressing less of the painful nubs against my entrance. Then by spreading my labia apart so they weren’t in the way, I managed to insert the toy.

Surprisingly, as soon as I got the toy inside, the curved shaft nestled comfortably up against my G-spot and actually felt really good. The shape is perfect for hitting the G-spot and provides some pretty intense stimulation, while the lower part of the shaft is narrow enough to avoid stretching the vaginal entrance. It should have been perfect.

But every time I thrust it, the massage ball and its attendant nubs bumped and scraped on my pubic bone. Some people might like this, but for me it’s an uncomfortable distraction rather than enhancing pleasure.

At this point I decided to try the vibration mode. There are three speeds of plain vibration, plus ten patterns. While I’m not into internal vibrations, I have to admit the vibrations on this toy are quite good - they’re not as strong as something like the Prism V (which is good as I find strong vibrations overwhelming internally), not rumbly, but not buzzy either. The noise is about average, I’d say.

Switching off the vibration, I tried the massage ball feature, which has 3 speeds. I immediately noticed the massage ball makes a loud, mechanical whining noise. I’m not usually bothered by vibrator noise, but this is something different. It’s incredibly distracting and unsexy (unless you have a fetish involving machinery or robots). The noise level is certainly sufficient to drown out your porn and possibly wake up your roommate.

I’ve read reviews of other toys with a massage ball like this and they had got me worried that my vaginal muscles would stop the ball’s motion or even displace it. But all that happened was the motion of the ball slowed down as I inserted the toy, and thrusting made the speed slightly inconsistent as the toy neared my vaginal opening.

However I couldn’t really feel the massage ball internally. Holding the toy in my hand, the ball motion feels quite intense, but when inserted it’s much more subtle and certainly nothing like the come-hither motion it’s meant to imitate. So I tried something different.

With the massage function on, I let go of the toy just enough that it could move freely without falling out, producing a thrusting effect as the ball rolled back and forth. I was able to create interesting sensations by using different combinations of massage ball speed and vibration pattern to achieve a rhythmic effect, but all in all it felt like something kicking my vaginal wall, not entirely pleasant.

I gave up on this toy internally and tried it on my clit, which turned out to be a great idea. The massage ball kind of feels like a caressing tongue, and can of course be combined with different vibration patterns. This is quite fun to play around with. But the noise, the noooiiise!!


The most expensive toy I’ve invested in to date is the L’Amourose Prism V, at AUD$120. That is a truly exceptional toy and worth its weight in gold.

The Homme Pro is only slightly cheaper, I got it for around AUD$100. While it is a luxury toy, nicely packaged and presented, and has more features than the average vibrator, I can’t help feeling - because of my disappointing personal experience - that it’s overpriced. It doesn’t have the same feeling of luxury that the Prism V has, nor does it share the Prism’s perfect, easy-to-use design.

Nevertheless, I can see the Homme Pro being worth the money for a compatible owner. But don’t splash out on it unless you are 100% sure you’ll enjoy it.


This toy has so much potential: cool high-tech features, silky smooth silicon and a really great shape for G-spot stimulation.

But I haven’t got the Homme Pro out to play with since my initial review, and it now languishes at the back of my toy drawer, causing me a pang of disappointment whenever I see it. Here’s why, in short.

  • While it feels great once inside, inserting this toy is a chore. It needs heaps of lube, tedious adjustment of the position of the massage ball, and careful manipulation to avoid the nubs on the head needling my sensitive parts. As I’ve said before, I’m a lazy masturbator and this is too much trouble to go to!
  • Even once it’s inserted, the pleasure is compromised somewhat by the less-than-enjoyable sensation of the massage ball and nubs bumping against my pubic bone as I thrust the toy.
  • The massage ball feature isn’t worth using internally (for me), and the noise this toy makes is enough to put me off using it on my clit, too.
  • Whenever I use this toy vaginally I’ve had mild cervix pain and cramping afterwards. I’ve never had this problem with other, similarly sized toys.

So, in conclusion, not for me! But it’s not a bad toy; just wrong in almost every way for my body.

Funnily enough, while I was deciding whether to buy the Homme Pro, I nearly chose its “sister” product instead, the Nu Sensuelle Pearl. The Pearl is smaller, only 1.25 inches diameter (if Nu Sensuelle’s website is to be believed), but the shape is mostly straight - and it was the curve of the Homme Pro that drew me in, so in the end I got the bigger toy.

I still wonder, if I’d got the Pearl instead, whether I would have been more satisifed. But the Pearl has those horrible nubs too, and the shape of the head might have made it even harder to insert.