Heads up: if you’re a vibrator connoisseur, this toy (and this review) are probably not for you. Almost every sex blogger I know likes strong, rumbly vibrations with lots of modes…and that is not what you are getting here.

The Thumper G is my first (and at the time of writing, only) rabbit vibe. Rabbit vibes have never appealed to me very much because I’m physically unable to experience intense pleasure in two places at once! Trying to have a blended orgasm is like multi-tasking, and I can’t multi-task. I have never had a simultaneous G-spot and clitoral orgasm, and I don’t want or expect to.

But I have occasionally enjoyed gentle clitoral stimulation when I’m trying for a G-spot orgasm, as a sort of pleasure enhancer rather than a Thing in its own right. I decided I wanted to try a toy that might do that for me.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I saw the Thumper G on sale for just $30. The shape of most rabbit vibes makes me feel uncomfortable just by looking at them, honestly. But when I saw the Thumper G I thought “I need to feel that inside me ASAP!” and most importantly, it looked as though the clit stimulator would actually meet up with my clit.

I’m pleased to say the Thumper G met my expectations.


The maximum diameter of the insertable part of the toy is 1.25 inches, but it has a bulbous head for G-spot stimulation so most of shaft is narrower than that. The clit arm starts about 2.4 inches away from the tip of the insertable shaft, while the shaft itself has about 3.5 inches of insertable length. So this is quite a petite toy, which is just what I wanted.

A WORD OF WARNING: The advertising for this toy - including the box it comes in! - states that the diameter is 1.5 inches. This is completely wrong. A whole quarter of an inch wrong, in fact. That’s a significant margin of error: 1.5 inches feels completely different to 1.25 inches and if this toy were actually the girth it’s advertised as, I wouldn’t be able to use it!

Thumper G (left) and Tantus Acute (right) size comparison, from the front.

Thumper G (right) and Tantus Acute (left) size comparison, from the back

Thumper G (front) and Tantus Acute (back) size comparison. Overall, the Thumper is a more petite toy.


The toy is powered by 1 AA battery and is waterproof. I’ve used it quite a lot and haven’t yet needed to replace the battery. There are 3 vibration speeds which you can cycle through by pressing the power button.

You can cycle through the 3 vibration speeds and turn the toy on and off using a single button.

The end of the toy unscrews to reveal a battery compartment.

I find the controls on this toy quite frustrating: you can’t turn the toy off without cycling through all the remaining speeds, and the vibration stops momentarily when you click the button to change the speed – but hey, it’s a cheap toy. I’m not complaining.


I would describe the vibrations as “gentle”, and they are certainly very quiet. You wouldn’t be able to hear this toy in another room with the door closed, and even some blankets might be enough to muffle it. Perfect for discreet use!

For my hypersensitive body, the motor in the Thumper G is perfect - not too strong, but strong enough to be pleasurable, and not buzzy in a way that’s irritating or numbing either. However, there is only 1 motor, in the shaft, so the vibrations in the clit arm are only referred and much weaker, as you would expect.

While I do prefer rumblier vibrations on my clit if I’m trying to have a clitoral orgasm, I wasn’t looking for that when I bought this toy, so the weak vibrations in the clit arm are exactly what I wanted and I enjoy them. Meanwhile, gentle buzzy vibrations are my preference for internal stimulation, and the Thumper G certainly delivers on that count.


The matte silicon on this toy has a slightly rubbery feel, which I much prefer to the very smooth, squeaky feeling matte silicone that’s common on high-end toys. I find the material easy to insert, and it has just the right amount of squish. It is best used with some water-based lube, but I have been able to insert it painlessly without lube when I’m already very aroused.


The shape of the Thumper is really perfect for nestling against the G-spot and feels very comfortable. There are 3 subtle ridges halfway down the shaft, whose main function seems to be looking pretty; I can’t feel them when it’s inside me. There is a very subtle seam running down the length of the toy, but you will not notice it in use.

The texture on the shaft of the toy isn't really noticeable when inserted.

This seam isn't noticeable either.

The Thumper is quite flexible, and the clit arm is especially so. I’d prefer if I could apply a little more pressure to my clit with this toy, but the flexibility does at least reassure me that I won’t do myself any damage when thrusting with it.

There is a second version of this toy available, called the Posh Silicone Double Dancer, which has a pair of “ears” instead of a flipper for the clit arm. I went for the flipper version because I was looking for bumping or pressure on my clit rather than tickling, but as far as I can tell the other toy is identical apart from that detail and a slightly different texture on the shaft, so if you think you’d enjoy tickling more, I recommend you purchase the other one.

In use

I really enjoy this toy, although the way I use it is a little bit unconventional. Essentially I use this as a G-spot toy augmented with gentle arousal-enhancing vibration and clitoral stimulation, which is exactly what I was going for when I decided to purchase it. If you’re trying to get off on clitoral stimulation rather than G-spot stimulation alone, this is probably not the toy for you.

My main issue with this toy is that in order for the clit arm to really press against my clit properly, I have to insert the shaft of the toy as far as it will go. Because of how shallow my vagina is, this is hard to do unless I’m already extremely aroused, and it means that when I’m thrusting with the toy, the clit arm will bump against my clit, then move away, then bump against it again. Although I enjoy this sensation, I do wish the clit arm was just a little bit longer.


This could be a good first rabbit vibe if you’re on a budget. For a lot of people the vibrations would probably not be strong enough, but it’s ideal if, like me, you’re very sensitive. I’ve had many very satisfactory orgasms from this toy.